Welcome to #How Chic Are You challenge!

Did I mention a giveaway of 2000$ (two thousand dollars) electronic certificate for Apple® products which could be used at Apple® Retail Store or the Apple® Online Store?!

I nominate creators, makers, dreamers, achievers to show your talents, accomplishments, inspirations, mottos, awesome facts, goals, and your positive impact on other people’s lives. The challenge is not about results or achievements, but about finding the ways to be better, to improve, to look for the right example, to be motivated, and to do good.

I think having a meaningful life is to be a source of happiness and inspiration for your circle. It can definitely make a person chic & amazing.

  • I would be happy to learn about your CHICness,
  • More happy if others learn about your CHICness and get inspired to be as awesome,
  • And super thrilled to reward one of you with 2000$ e-gift certificate to Apple®  Store (could be used for Apple® Retail Store or in the Apple® Online Store).
  • Steps of the giveaway:

    1. Take the quiz- challenge located on main page of this website;
    2. Take the actions needed to get the points;
    3. All the tweets and answers to each topic mentioned in tweets are required: 1) finding happiness in giving (1.making others happy, 2.helping others, 3.supporting local businesses), 2) embracing other cultures; 3) constantly educating yourself, 4) celebrating achievements

    All contest rules could be found here.

    The more tasks are completed, the better your chances are at winning.

    Your completed Quiz  is the entry for 2000$ (two thousand dollars)  giveaway in form of electronic certificate to Apple® stores, just in time for Christmas celebrations! Another quiz will be announced for those who buy ZefirChic® treats.

    Challenge is created for any age group; however, the giveaway has the age restrictions. You can find information on the Contest Rules page. Citizens of countries which have at least one Apple® store are eligible for the contest (contest is void where prohibited by law).

    Results will be published on the Giveaway widget on the 17th of December after 4pm Eastern time.

    Spread out the positive challenge! Nominate your family, friends, colleagues for getting the prize!